Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sunshine in Winter

I am spending the winter in Beaufort, S.C.  While working in my journal from a photo taken last summer in Michigan,  I painted these happy sunflowers.

I transfered the design to some handmade, 300 lb. watercolor paper that I had been wanting to test.  It certainly worked different than anything I have ever used.  Soaked up the water and paint like a sponge.  I love to use lots of water so it worked OK for me.

I think they are rays of sunshine during a dark and rainy winter here.  Hope you're enjoying making your own sunshine where ever you.  


  1. Cathy, these are beautiful--They do give me hope that better (weather) days are coming! I wish you would post more often as I do love your watercolors.
    I'm really enjoying my handmade book and am about to start into (painting) in my 2nd one. I almost can't wait. I think the next book I bind will be ALL watercolor paper :-)

  2. Cathy, I read your comment on my "Clementines" blog entry...Thanks! I wish you would POST MORE of your sketches/watercolors--I enjoy them so much!
    I check thru here often, but don't see anything newish...love to see more. Marj.