Saturday, January 10, 2015

CZT Daughter and Me

FYI,  if anyone is interested I became Certified Zentangle Teacher last fall.  My daughter Becky and I attended together.  There were a number of Mothers and daughters there.  What a great experience.  Becky is an LPC and she is using Zentangle in here practice.

I have tried to put this on my Blog as a badge and just couldn't make it happen.  
This is Becky at an Art Show this summer demonstrating the Zentangle Method.

Spring Greening 2014

I finally up dated my password and now I can post again.  I bought these lovely veggies at the Farmers Market in Breaufort, SC last spring.  They were so pretty I just had to paint them.  I worked from the photo and it was really fun.  I find more and more I love painting my food.  The fresh raw veggies are beautiful and very tasty.